Making time for ‘couple time’

There’s ‘me time’ and then there’s ‘couple time’. Both are essential to a balanced and happy life. Inasmuch as having ‘me time’ is important to recharge and rejuvenate an exhausted you, making time for your partner can do wonders for your relationship and eventually, for your family as well. True, we can all get caught up in our work, family and other responsibilities that we’re sometimes quick to dismiss that having ‘couple time’ is a luxury we can’t afford. Some people even argue that the reason it is at the bottom of their priority list is because their partner will surely understand that they’re too busy to even think about that. They say that they simply have no time left for their partner.

So, no time, huh? But, see, that’s where the problem is. You cannot just go on with your life and expect that a shiny clock will suddenly pop up and give you bonus time like what happens in a video game. You have to make time for you as a couple. You have to constantly create opportunities for you to bond. You have to free up and reserve a few hours (or even minutes) each day or week for your partner. Yes, you owe it to yourselves. It’s no walk in the park, I tell you, but if it’s something you highly regard, then you’ll have to make certain sacrifices and agreements to make it work.

Hubby and I have been married for 13 years now. We’re both busy with a tad too many things to attend to, but we make it a point to keep ‘couple time’ alive. Here’s how (and I promise not to be overly cheesy about it). πŸ™‚

For one, we continue to celebrate our ‘monthsary’ (which is short for monthly anniversary, in case you didn’t know). πŸ™‚ We’re far from being teenagers and we’re not a new couple, but this is a practice we’ve religiously followed ever since our boyfriend-girlfriend years. We even keep track of who greets the other one first. πŸ™‚ So every 12th, we go out on a quick lunch or dinner date and celebrate another month over good, classy food and meaningful conversations. It’s always a special day for us because we’re reminded of how blessed we are to have spent the past 30 days with each other and our three babies.

The more legitimate celebration, though, happens during our anniversaries. I say it as a plural noun because we observe two anniversaries – one is when we officially became a couple (a.k.a. the day I said “yes”) and the other is when we got married (a.k.a the day I said “I do”). They’re basically a level up of our monthsary celebrations, sometimes last more than a day, and usually involve dining in at the best restaurants, staying at our favorite hotels, hanging out in a new or special place, splurging in retail therapy, pampering ourselves, and many more.

In addition, at least once a year, usually when the kids are on a school break, we travel to another country and explore an unfamiliar city. Just the two of us. Here, we get away from our roles as parents and concentrate on being a husband and a wife. This is something we really plan for and look forward to as this is the time when we can try and experience a new adventure, sample the local cuisine and other things that we won’t be able to do if the kids were with us.

We likewise squeeze in a quick date in between our hectic schedules just to have a break from all the stress and worries. It sure does feel refreshing to have your partner to talk to when you’re having a bad day at work, doesn’t it? And if there’s a new good movie that we cannot watch with the kids (probably because of the theme or content), hubby and I will find a way to book our tickets and enjoy the film.

Of course, couple time doesn’t have to mean spending much. At your home dinner table or while watching TV, for instance, just catching up after being away from each other the whole day makes for a good couple time. The important thing is that you let your partner know how valued and loved he is and how much you want to spend quality moments with him. Doing this will strengthen your relationship as it opens up more opportunities to communicate and better understand your partner. Remember, a happy couple becomes happy parents, and being happy parents results in a happy environment for the whole family.




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